Google Assistant for Windows

Do you want to have Google Assistant for Windows? I know you might ask if it is possible to have this Android application run on Windows device. Of course, there is nothing impossible now, as Information Technologists and Software Developers are continuing to develop programs that will make our lives easier. Learn how to download and install Google Assistant on your Windows device, plus, know its special features that make you wanna love this software.

Google Assistant for Windows

If we have Siri on iOS devices, we have Google Assistant for Android. This is actually Google’s answer to Alexa—a home assistant from Amazon. It was first introduced to Google Allo application but was extended to Google Home and Pixel smartphones. To maximize its potential, the developers rolled out Google Assistant to Android smartphones running 6.0 version. Later on, they launched Google Assistant SDK which can be used on any platform such as Windows, Mac or Linux.

Google Assistant (from the name itself) helps you run commands on your device without physically accessing it. It works using the voice command technology. For example, you want to open a new tab but you’re too lazy to reach out for your computer. You can just say to your computer the specific command and it will do the work for you.

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How to Download and Install Google Assistant for Windows

There are two things you need to do first to install Google Assistant for Windows device. First, you need to download any Android emulator that will allow any Android app to run on Windows. Second, you need to download The Google Assistant APK, since this is an Android application.

I recommend you to use Bluestacks emulator here, because this is the most stable emulator today. It will amount up to 400 MB, so it is better to ensure that you have the enough memory on your device. Now, let’s get into tutorial.

Installing Google Assistant

Please follow the steps carefully so you won’t face any issue while installing this app to your Windows device.

Step 1. Open the Bluestacks emulator you installed earlier.


Step 2. Go to Bluestacks Android settings. Note that Bluestacks settings and Bluestacks Android settings are different. To see the Android setting, click on the drawer for applications to display the installed apps.

bluestacks settings

Step 3. Click on the “Apps.” It will display the Apps that has been installed recently.

Step 4. Click on the Permission tab and check everything on the list. These has to be enabled for the Google Assistant to function fully.

Step 5. After enabling everything, go back to Bluestacks homepage. Locate the Google Assistant APK on your device. Drag and drop the APK file on Bluestacks window to initiate the installation process. Wait for a few seconds to finish installing.

Step 6. Once installed, you should see the Google Assistant icon on the homepage. You may now launch the Google Assistant for Windows by clicking that icon.

Recommended System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • RAM: 6 GB or above
  • Updated graphics
  • Internet connection to access contents

Special Features of Google Assistant

  • There are almost 1 million actions Google Assistant can try.
  • Make a call and send a message without typing it on your keyboard.
  • Set alarm and manage your calendar using your voice.
  • Know the weather updates by asking your assistant of the daily forecast.
  • Find photos by just describing what it looks like.
  • Locate for recipes or restaurants to try.

These are just some of the features of Google Assistant which you can try on your device. Know them all by downloading and installing it on your Windows.

In Conclusion

Google Assistant is an excellent application for Android devices. But it will be more amazing if we can install it on our Windows computers. With the step-by-step guide provided above, I hope you are able to install it properly and make it your everyday help.

Having problem installing Google Assistant for Windows? Drop them down in the comment box below.