Ways to make money with Affiliate Marketing

Each one of us spends some amount of time online, looking for latest news & updates, watch movies/videos, to interact with people using various social networking websites, etc. But, did you know that you can earn money online? The method of earning money online by promoting specific products or websites in exchange for a share in the profits or commissions from the web traffic generated is known as Affiliate Marketing.

This method is not as easy as it sounds! There is no shortcut to achieving success here, and you need to work hard to earn from it! Therefore, we have listed a few ways which you can take up for making money with Affiliate Marketing. Take a look at the ways mentioned below and read the detailed explanation of it.

Ways to make money with Affiliate Marketing are:

#1 Select a Niche:

Selecting a niche does not have to be at random. For being a successful Affiliate Marketer, you need to select a niche which you can work on easily and have some knowledge about! Without some prior knowledge about the niche, it becomes difficult to work on it for prolonged hours. You need not be an expert in the niche you are selecting but, you must have some interest in it!

#2 Attract targeted traffic:

To earn money from the affiliate links, you need to get clicks on your affiliate links. And to do this, you can make use of the following methods.

1. Free Advertising- You can put your affiliate link on free websites. This proves to be a win-win situation since on every click, you as well as the free website earns a certain amount of money.

2. Email Marketing- To create a communication bridge between your website and the people, you can make use of the Email Marketing which asks for the visitor’s name and email ID. Whenever an update is rolled out, a notification will be sent on the visitor’s email ID.

3. Article marketing- You can use websites such as Ezine Articles to publish articles containing a unique ‘Resource Box.’ When the other bloggers republish the article, you, who published the original article gradually will higher search engine rankings which will result in more traffic to your website and eventually increase your earning via Affiliate marketing.

4. Paid Advertising- This is one of the most widely used Affiliate Marketing method used by bloggers. In this method, you are paid through pay-per-click ads, and it is not affected even if the visitor does not buy the product you are marketing on your website. Google’s AdSense is one of the best services which makes it much easier for you.

#3 Work with affiliates:

Another useful trick of growing using Affiliate Marketing is by helping each other. You can find and contact other bloggers who are working in the same niche as you are! You can then ask them to promote your product, and you can promote their product in return. Thus, communication is the key!

#4 Study other affiliates:

You can get a number of ideas by studying the affiliates from other niches too. If you have any query, you can clear it from other marketers who have a considerable amount of experience in Affiliate Marketing.

#5 Go for quality over quantity:

You must have heard this quote from time to time but, it proves to be true almost everywhere. Even in Affiliate Marketing, it is not required to have a huge network of affiliates to earn from it. The key to achieving success in Affiliate Marketing is by finding the appropriate affiliates and working on them.


These were some of the best ways which we could suggest for you to use and earn money from Affiliate Marketing. If you have something to add which isn’t mentioned above or if you have any query, then please leave it in the comments section below.