Yoosung guide mystic messenger

If you’re familiar with Mystic Messenger, you probably know that each character has unique personality. This makes it more appealing to the public and mobile users. Some of them are the cute type while others are the timid one. One character which belongs to the first class is Yoosung. He has a very nice and lovable personality which makes him the ideal choice of many. To get to know more about Yoosung of Mystic Messenger, you may check out the information below.

Background story

Yoosung was born and raised from a typical family. He lived a normal life until he met his adoptive cousin—Rika. She became a big influence to Yoosung’s future. However, everything changed when Rika died. Her death made him uninterested with everything and even his studies was compromised. But eventually, a game—LOLOL—saved him from the pit of depression. 


In terms of physique, Yoosung is said to be the smallest out of the characters in Mystic Messenger. He is only 171 cm (5’6”) with a youthful appearance. He has a messy blonde hair which you can usually see with two brown clips. 

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How to Capture Yoosung’s Heart

Since Yoosung has suffered a lot growing up, he is somehow difficult to handle. But once you get to know more of him, you will like his character. 

First and foremost, make sure that you are supportive of his gaming life. As mentioned earlier, LOLOL was his driving force when his cousin died. It has become both his hobby and passion. So, if you want to continue to connect with Yoosung, be patient and understanding. Second, help him be mature. Third, compliment his looks. And lastly, defend him when people tease him. 

As for things you should avoid, never discourage his gaming career. Also, do not be too clingy when you’re around him. And refrain from treating Yoosung as a child but make him feel otherwise. 

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